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What Should A Company Do?

  • If a disgruntled ex-employee is leaving false negative comments about the company all over the largest “consumer advocacy” sites on the web, and worse, those sites will not remove the information even under threat of prosecution?

  • If an irrational member of a review site had a bad experience with the company’s staff and has decided to get even by vindictively raking their solid reputation and good name over the coals?

  • If they suspect a competitor (not known for playing fair) is leaving negative anonymous comments, trashing the company on high profile blogs and sites in their industry?


These are the kinds of scenarios that leave business owners lying awake at night. With good reason. Negative online reviews can put a cold chill on sales. According to the Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks study of more than 22,000 U.S consumers, a bad customer experience can result in a 22% drop in business. The same study indicated word-of-mouth from friends was the most trusted source of information when considering a purchase.

How can a company avoid these nightmarish scenes? By using customer reviews to protect and enhance the reputation they have worked so hard to build.

Executive Summary

  1. The nature of the internet is that any random user can make their opinion known at any time on a number of established sites. Because many of these sites have high Page Rank values, negative reviews can often appear in the search engine results above a company’s own website.

  2. Very often reviews are negative in nature. Even though a firm may deliver high quality customer service, clients must be invited to share positive stories. Otherwise, negative reviews will show an unbalanced view and will not reflect the level of service provided.

  3. Positive reviews will boost sales:

    • Customers that refine web searches by customer rating average a 22% increase in sales per visit, increasing to 41% over several years (BazaarVoice Research).

    • Reviews will raise customer loyalty and sales alike (Deloitte & Touche).

    • Customer reviews will have a positive impact on average order amounts, with 27% of shoppers increasing spend by 5-10% (Hayes and Jarvis).

    • To get positive customer reviews, you’ll have to ask for them. The good news is many people will respond to your request and provide a positive review.    


How does your company compare?

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